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  •  Pain Control: Pain can disrupt sleep and cause stress, both of which are seizure triggers. 
  • Tiredness: Tiredness is a common seizure trigger, so getting a good night's sleep is essential in managing your epilepsy.
  •  Anxiety Relief: One common cause of anxiety in epilepsy is the fear of having a seizure.
  •  Enhanced Mood: Taking drugs to control seizures can dramatically change your mood. Opt for natural supplements. 
  •  Reduce Fear: With epilepsy comes a fear of seizures, which        ironically, can lead to increased seizures. Fear is a trigger!
Natural Remedies 
...Or Pills? 
There’s no doubt that some drugs help reduce seizures. However, taking them too regularly has ironically been linked with these health problems: 
  • Increased risk of a heart attack
  • Damage to your gut lining
  • Feeding bad gut bacteria 
Don't compromise your health for a second longer! 
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